A creative digital marketing agency that delivers the sun, clouds, and rainbows for optimists and risk-takers. We bring rain on demand to harvest fresh start-ups into solid brands, providing them with fruitful results. We expose the sun for businesses needing that extra light and fire; that golden sky at the end of the tunnel. We promise you a rainbow stretching across the horizon: Your vision. Your goals. Your brand.

We are KUMO. We are the clouds. We are a versatile and fast-moving team ready to help you progress alongside the market wherever you are, whatever the industry.

Whether it’s Website Development, Online Advertising, Social Media Management, SEO, Content Development, we work with forward-thinking clients driven to yield desirable forecast. Through our integrated capabilities and bespoke growth plans, we asses problems and carry out digital strategies and generate commercial success - all from our creative studio in Bali.


Website development
Start with the essentials in digital marketing. A compelling website is your business’ most powerful presentation tool. From start-ups, corporate, to e-commerce, we are ready to build you a website that aligns with your brand and business needs. With a signature KUMO flair, we’ll create an online presence to duly build your reputation.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines like Google are smarter than you think. We’ll outsmart them by implementing creatively curated, digitally progressive, and data smart SEO strategies for your business. Leverage your online presence by improving your website performance with us. We work to keep your website up to date with the best and latest digital practices. This will ensure a concrete existence on a search engine every time your customers look for you. We’ll get you to the top of the league against your direct competitors.

Social Media Management
Take advantage of the ever-so-influential social media platforms to interact with your audience.
Understanding the importance of social media for business will enable you to grow closer to your customers and convert them into loyal ones. Play a role in your potential customers’ social cycle and leverage your online social presence.
Managing social media comes like second nature to us. We’ll up your Instagram grid game and Facebook feed to look as aesthetically pleasing as your brand identity. Accumulate organic likes, gain real followers, or engagement - you name it. Let’s get you viral!

Content Development
Words are powerful. In the words of Bill Gates, content is king! A lethal combination for content marketing, in our opinion, is precision and creativity. Our wordsmiths possess a wealth of experience in communicating effectively to reach different audiences on a personal level or maintain your brand’s professionalism.
At KUMO Studio, it’s not only about the digital approach, but the beautiful balance of human interaction and technology. Behind modern day devices is a human being waiting to connect with your business. By distributing suitable content in the right platforms, backed up with a compelling content strategy, we will successfully deliver your brand’s message.

Online Advertising
Imagine - you’ve piqued the interest of potential customers, however, the lack of brand or product knowledge caused certain hesitation. Informing your audience about your product or services will validate their decision and minimize any doubts. With a smart online advertising strategy, you can reach out to them with the right message.
KUMO Studio offers Google search advertising, display advertising, and YouTube advertising services. We assist offline businesses to keep up with the digital age by ditching the traditions and jumping on the digital bandwagon. Billboards? We prefer thousands of clicks and millions of conversion. Businesses that are already online but need more love and attention? We do that through online advertising, too.

Social Media Advertising
Advertise to people in a friendly and natural manner, by approaching your potential customer socially. Social media is where people interact, and where most online information is shared. Gain brand authority and be the hot topic users will want to spread!
Similar to online advertising, we make use of social media’s omnipresence to generate you sales, clicks, and more sales and clicks! Our talented writers will create a compelling copy that screams your brand’s tone. Worry not about targeting and budgeting, we’ve mastered that long before Mark Zuckerberg could spy on us.

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