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Why work with us?


We’ll tell you how it is, as it is.

We value professionalism and our determination to succeed, but we also encourage transparency in communication (as you would with a friend). No formalities; no sugar-coating anything. You want to talk business by the beach? Tell us how it is and we’ll do the same!


We are powered by the world around us— and you.

We are blessed to call home, a place, where everything is driven by creativity: culture, art, food, and the things that make us different from one another. Our team strives to create unique ways to tell your story; making sure each one is as meaningful as the next. Not one is the same, so keep inspiring us.


We do all the homework for you.

Focusing on all-things digital, from conception to production, we have helped small businesses seamlessly integrate from the real world into online spaces. Whether you’re starting out or deep into your business, we want to bring more exposure to your brand with a no-fuss approach.

What’s keeping us busy

kumo studio search engine optimization SEO SEM search engine marketing


Be the first to show up on Google search! It’s our mission to get you there.

kumo studio social media

Social Media

Building a solid social media presence to grow your audience and gain their trust.

kumo studio website design

Web Design & Development

Creating attractive and functional websites to make you stand out and stay on top of trends.

kumo studio branding service


Breathe life into your brand and leave a lasting impression in anyone’s eye. We can plan and execute the essential branding tools for you.

kumo studio copy writing


Professional or approachable? We’ll translate your voice into writing— or help you develop one to attract the right audience.

kumo studio online advertising online ads

Online ads

Let’s deliver your message to a limitless and borderless audience worldwide.

kumo studio graphic design service

Graphic design

Balancing text with visual elements is essential these days. Our designers can do that for you.

kumo services product photography food photography


Elevate your visual storytelling with our cutting-edge photography products.

kumo studio video editor video editing service

Video Editor

Take your content to the next level and grab the attention you deserve.

kumo studio animation service


Turn your ideas into moving visuals. Motion is a powerful tool to attract your audience by enticing the senses.

Who we get to work with

SEO and social media management client - Tirtha Bali

Tirtha Bali

Set by the cliffs of southern Bali, Tirtha Bali presents two idyllic Bali wedding venues, all chiseled from Japanese elegance.

IAI Bali Awards 2022

IAI Bali Awards 2022

An award ceremony organised by IAI Bali, as an appreciation to architects and architectural works of their members and non-members.

kumo studio clients berto roaster

Berto Roaster

Indonesia’s trusted manufacturer of smart coffee-roaster machines, providing the tools to simplify your roasting process since 1984.

kumo studio clients trattoria sanur

Trattoria Sanur

A classic Italian restaurant set in a casual tropical setting. Trattoria is the result of years of experience in Italy and New York City. It’s now a cornerstone of Italian cuisine in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

kumo studio clients yakinikuya sakai

Yakinikuya Sakai

An authentic yakiniku cuisine (Japanese barbecue) in town, serving all you can eat meat and other favorites hailing from the land of the sun.

kumo studio clients byolbit cafe

Byolbit Cafe

A cafe located at the center of Bali’s capital Denpasar, serving coffee and bites, loved for its cozy atmosphere and Korean-themed menu.

kumo studio clients avenue spa

Avenue Spa

A Korean-inspired aesthetic center and spa. With over a decade of experience, from skincare to slimming treatments, Avenue Spa is a go-to one-stop-shop for beauty and wellness in Bali.

kumo studio clients hungry birds

Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird started off as a humble cafe serving breakfasts for surfers in Canggu, Bali. Today, it’s a cafe, a roastery, and a nest of champion baristas, run by coffee legends.

kumo studio clients life changing studio

Life Changing Studio

A yoga and pilates studio in one of Jakarta’s most elite towns, Pantai Indah Kapuk. They offer life-changing services catered to individual needs.

kumo studio clients only mono

Only Mono

A group of wedding photographers and videographers based in Bali, loved for their ethereal shots. Milestones are often ephemeral or short-lived; Only Mono captures every moment in a way so you can retain every sentiment, too.

One Minute Counts

Indonesia’s first Amazing Race-type adventure. From scavenger hunting to wake boarding, they offer a ‘team-building’ experience to make your every minute count.

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