Why content strategy matters as much as content creation (if not more).

Why content strategy matters as much as content creation (if not more).

You can dedicate your time creating content all day but without a guiding strategy tying it together, your email blasts, social media posts, and jam-packed calendar of blog articles lack purpose.

Imagine being told to write and schedule three blog posts every day. Your daily goals would be doable, however unnecessarily difficult to measure if you’re performing well or not. If you were tasked with this every day, chances are you would feel as though you weren’t contributing much.

Instead, imagine if your boss tells you next week that your client is focusing on promoting a new year initiative, which will be vital to meeting year-end goals. You are given a topic and the liberty to determine how to segment the information into three blog posts to be put up on the website and shared on social media. Tell us that this is a hundred times less tedious than constantly writing, writing, and writing! You’ll wake up every morning for work feeling more excited to be a part of something meaningful!

In this post, creative studio and digital marketing agency in Bali, KUMO Studio are here to share the wonders of content strategy and why it should matter to you and your team, as well as how we (as in you and me) could help you establish one to spice up your content marketing magic.

Content Strategy vs Content Creation - do you know the difference?

Let’s be real. When it comes to content marketing, we only fixate on the end product, which is the content itself. Most of us would rely on any wordsmith to produce a magic formula and string compelling keywords together hoping the brand’s message would get across. Whilst this isn’t an entirely wrong approach, the process could go wrong somewhere in between start to finish. If this is birthed by pure laziness, stop what you’re doing and get a job at JFC* or somewhere where having a fully-functional brain isn’t required.

In your defence, it’s actually fairly uncommon that marketers even know that there are two different strategy pieces that go into content marketing. Even the Content Marketing Institute admitted that they haven’t done a completely thorough job of distinguishing between content strategy and content marketing strategy.

We’ll dive into what the peeps at CMI have defined content marketing and content strategy.

“Content marketing is, after all, a means of marketing. Content marketers draw and develop the larger story that our organization wants to tell, and focus on ways to engage an audience, using content so that it changes or enhances a behaviour…So at its heart, content marketing is a marketing strategy — an approach that uses content to deepen our relationship with customers.”

Content Marketing Institute


“Content strategy deals with the planning aspects of managing content throughout its lifecycle, and includes aligning content to business goals, analysis, and modelling, and influences the development, production, presentation, evaluation, measurement, and sunsetting of content, including governance. What content strategy is not is the implementation side. The actual content development, management, and delivery are the tactical outcomes of the strategy that needs to be carried out for the strategy to be effective.”

The Content Wrangler

Both overlap when it comes to detailed planning. They ultimately should work together. Still, they require separate and distinct focuses, strategists, skills and key performance indicators (KPIs).

In regards to impact, content marketing strategy will have you deal with questions like ‘Why should we be creating this content in the first place?’, whilst content strategy deals with the underlying strategic direction of and the reason for your content marketing.

Content marketers draw and develop the larger story.

Stop mucking about. Let’s get it on.

Start with your company’s main goal in mind and aim each piece of content to support that strategy. Communicate to your employees and you will see creative and engaging content production that not only unifies your message but supports your company’s marketing strategy as well!

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