The ever-changing nature of digital marketing loves to keep us on our toes. To our fellow Chief Marketing Officers out there, how’s the constant digital transformation treating you? It’s as though whenever new technologies enter the market, you need a new outlook on basically everything. Traditional marketing organizations, in particular, need to be thinking two steps ahead. On the other hand, Bali based digital marketing agency and creative studio KUMO prefers to ride the wave (of trends) that come our way.

Major brands or companies exert certain pressure on their CMOs, for example, prove ROI on digital, eliminate inefficiencies, and manage a growing roster of external partners. But let’s be real, no one can predict what the future holds. Whilst it would be ideal if we had a team of psychics as marketing officers, here are several ways how CMOs can work to greet the digital marketing evolution ahead of us. Have a little faith in us, will you.

Ways how Chief Marketing Officers can assist you in the digital world

Fight for talent

KUMO Studio’s creative digital marketing team in Bali comprises of a group of young, adaptable individuals. We’re constantly on the lookout to grow our pool of digital-savvy talent. While frankly we can’t predict the future, we can open our eyes to anticipate the growing trends of the digital world. We look across the whole team and think, what don’t we have, what are we not anticipating, how can we fill in the gap. The role of CMO is to act as a bridge between your company to third parties like us. If you are in need of that extra marketing boost, our team can establish a healthy client-agency relationship all thanks to your CMO.

Form personalised approaches

The challenging part about establishing a best practice agency model strategy is to acknowledge that it is different for every organisation. Knowing how to manage agendas to move forward, such as involving external parties is equally as essential as investing in internal talent. KUMO Studio actively works with clients who are simultaneously partners that bolster our internal team to help our clients and business grow.

Digital havens these days have long deserted their agency partnerships and opted for in-house teams. However, a 2016 study collected over 100 submissions from leading global marketers and their agencies, which issued ‘Global 40’, found a list corporate giants who know how to make their relationships with agencies work. Among the top names are McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Unilever, Audi, and most have maintained it for longer than three decades.

It’s tricky to foresee the client-agency relationships, but most global Chief Marketing Officers agree that external partnerships are here to stay.

Ways how Chief Marketing Officers can assist you in the digital world

Measure it to move it

Becoming future-fit for today’s Chief Marketing Officers is tethering activities to the organisation’s business success, such as circling talents and partnerships back to driving business goals. However, there should be more to becoming future-proof than tying marketing to business. You need to include developing the right tech solutions to measure campaigns, as well as putting the correct processes in place to calculate the health and success of client-agency relationships. Again, we’ll work with your CMO to give your business that push forward.

“If you cannot measure, you cannot change. It’s that simple.” Mukul Deoras of Colgate-Palmolive speaking truth here.

The speed of change accelerated by new technologies are only going to get quicker and sneakier. It’ll arrive when you least expect it. KUMO Studio is a forward-thinking digital marketing agency in Bali. Consult your business expectations with us, we’ll give you solutions tailored personally to your needs.