It’s increasingly challenging to be heard above the pitter patter and companies bend over backward to stay above the online community pool. You may have heard of us through the grapevine, or many of you may not be in the loop (yet), but here is what we do: a lot of things. Ultimately we’re here to punch through the noise.

Our manifesto is a glimpse into our brains, our beliefs, our values, our obsession to succeed with you – our marketing philosophy. If they coincide with yours (and your brand’s), give us a shout and partner up.

KUMO Studio is an independent digital marketing agency and creative studio in Bali. Like the clouds, however, we are omnipresent. The weather, not unlike the unpredictable nature of business and marketing, is likely to change in the next hour. And we’re here to keep an eye on the skies above you; predicting the weather, conjuring the clouds when required or clearing them to make way for sunshine and rainbows.

We take an integrated approach to marketing. This means that we’ve set a standard of excellence from ourselves that help our clients meet the demands they face, whatever it takes. For the greater part, however, our creative studio in Bali gravitates toward all-things-digital. We encourage businesses to jump online and guide them to succeed in the modern age.

We begin at the core of the brand and identify how it may behave in various platforms and hypothesise the appropriate audience. Or! If you’ve already got that sorted out, we’ll adhere to every rule and guideline. This is where the multiverse of digital marketing and media (the exciting bit) joins the party. A genuine brand can create their own gravity where consumers, who are attracted to them, fall into the orbit of their little world. Same goes to all our clients. Not two are in the same universe. There’s absolutely a science behind the benefits of digital marketing, just like the clouds, rain, sun, and rainbow. Effective strategies drive audiences to the brand and proper management make them come back, or ideally, stay.

Up Close and Personal: KUMO Studio



Without a clear goal, we won’t know where you’re going. Without a clear direction, we won’t know of the step to take. Once we (you and I) have formed coherent and measurable objectives, we’ll aim for long-term success using the digital tools, initiated by a well developed strategic plan. Including the decision of where to invest in the right tools and tactics.


Data will always be our best friend. Is the new web design converting more people to action? Is the content compelling enough to get people clicking? All the answers are in the data. We take advantage of the availability of data to generate a more concrete long-term plan done by analyzing the numbers and consistently updating and manipulating tactics over time.


Seven digit numbers of visitors mean nada if they are not your target audience and doing the things you want them to do (conversion). Determining the target market is vital in defining the hopes and dreams of your game plan, in addition to utilising the most effective tools.


Up Close and Personal: KUMO Studio


As a creative digital marketing agency in Bali, we take full advantage of a mix of online tools. Whether those be social media platforms, online advertising, blogging, a brand new website, search engine optimization or video platforms. Work with KUMO Studio today for your marketing needs.