Whether crowded malls give you anxiety or you have no time to leave the office for a new wardrobe, it’s hard not to love online shopping. It’s quick, convenient, and is a big business as its own entity. With stronger integration and the foundation of social media marketing, you could further propel your online retail business to success.

In 2017, online shoppers worldwide spent USD 15 trillion and the figures were predicted to grow in the following year, according to the Hootsuite’s Digital in 2018 Trends report.

Mintel found that social media ranked as the number one influencer of fashion shopping amongst women 18-24 and nearly 32% of women aged 18-34 are open to buying clothing directly from a social media platform. Given the number of social media users in this day and age, it’s expected for e-commerce to experience a similar shift.

However, today’s online shopping is not always as seamless as it could be and the shopping experience still needs to catch up.

Until recently, shopping on social media meant being redirected to a traditional e-commerce website, making one’s online retail experience complex. Shoppers are now seeking more convenience-based offerings, which typically means less time spent on completing their order. Online retail businesses should meet this demand by developing a smoother online shopping experience that is simple and secure!

So, how do online retail businesses utilise social media to not only grow brand awareness but drive real, lucrative results? KUMO Studio digital marketing agency in Bali will give you the gist of how we can help improve your customers’ online shopping experience.


Solidifying your online retail business through the foundation of social media marketing


Shoppable ads

Shoppable ads have been popularised by social media giants Facebook and YouTube. The online shopping experience has become extremely streamlined, meaning customers are more likely to make purchases, due to the swift process. Thanks to visual platforms such as Instagram, brands partner with social media influencers. According to Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer, 85% of the public turn to their peers, which includes bloggers, vloggers, and other online personalities, for recommendations and advice, no longer trusting public institutions. The partnership between brands and influencers is highly likely to be very beneficial, with influencers providing an extra layer of engagement by being trusted sources for customers.


Ad Personalisation

With digital and social media on our hands, we now have the ability to precisely tailor our ads. Social media offers advertising tools that allow online retail businesses to target their demographic and reach the right audience. This helps them spend their money more efficiently and generate more sales. An Adlucent study showed that 71% of consumers actually prefer personalised ads because they decrease the number of irrelevant ads and help them discover new products based on their likes. Digital marketing agency KUMO Studio offer online and social media advertising services to ensure you are using targeting tools responsibly to promote your business and reach new customers.


Social payments

All hail social payments! Consumers can agree that online payment options through trusted, secure digital wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay are a godsend. These allow customers to easily and securely purchase a product without the trouble of having your credit card in hand and manually typing in your bank details. With these methods, e-commerce becomes a truly trusted, frictionless shopping experience.

Implementing an easy, efficient shopping experience is attainable for brands of all sizes! The KUMO team are here to not only help you generate sales but boost your customers’ loyalty through better user experience. View our services here.