There’s no denying that our world revolves around everything digital, and while it is still around, we’ve fairly bidden farewell to the analog life long ago. What does this mean for businesses?

People consume more and more digital content – and companies who are still hung up on the past need to live in the moment. As a team of young marketers, we’re giving you a little wake-up call: what worked for you then, may no longer be advantageous now. So let’s get you on a time machine and transport your business to the modern age. Welcome – it’s good to have you!

KUMO Studio, your independent digital marketing agency and creative studio in Bali, is here to enlighten you as to the benefits of digital marketing that will work wonders for your business. If your business has ditched the antiquated strategies, read on anyway to see why you’ve taken a swell step.

The future of marketing

There’s no point in lamenting the demise of the paper-based newspaper, traditional communication methods, even TV broadcasts – the future is already here. The Internet is ever-growing and it’s a God-given right to embrace it in all its glory. The fact is, digital methods of marketing and communication are more rapid, versatile, practical and efficient, and the good news is it offers just as much potential to marketers as it does to consumers.

The magical benefits of digital marketing in this modern era

Accessibility and affordability

Digital marketing is infinity times more affordable than offline methods and can be accessed with a swipe or touch of a finger. A social media campaign can transmit a marketing message without needing to break your bank account as you would for a TV ad or billboard, for example, and potentially reach a wider audience. Perhaps it is one of the strongest factors to incorporate digital marketing into your business strategies. We can post you an ad from the comfort of our creative studio in Bali to target your audience, wherever they are in the world, and ensure it is seen by a million pairs of eyes. The tool is present, all you need is a solid ad campaign.

Core tenets of modern and digital marketing

BtoB Research Services and Crain Communications defined “modern marketing” as “… the forces shaping a new set of capabilities that marketers must use to succeed in today’s new digital setting”.

Before we continue, let’s take a quick overview of the key tools of modern marketing that KUMO Studio can bring to the table from our creative studio in Bali: website development and SEO content, online advertising, social media marketing and management, and influencer marketing.

Now let’s talk about the findings from the aforementioned survey. It identified the five core tenets of digital marketing to be: targeting, engagement, analytics, conversion and marketing technology.

  • Targeting means developing a clear picture of your potential customers by knowing who are involved in the buying process, their exact roles, and responsibilities. It requires you to keep an open mind about certain strategies and management to properly align your targets with changing market and business needs.
  • Engagement means valuing interactions, including information delivery that can help fuel the decision-making process. It’s about reaching them in the right way, delivering sound content via the appropriate medium using a variety of activities (e.g. blogging).
  • Conversion means converting a potential customer into an actual customer. User experience is key!
  • Analytics means measuring the results of the marketing process to grasp which actions are successful and which are not.
  • Marketing technology means creating Solutions that integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) platforms to provide multiple marketing functions, include workflow and marketing automation, social monitoring and business intelligence (BI).


Taking into account this understanding and KUMO Studio’s own philosophy (keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on this), we present you an equation that can leverage the new “modern marketing” approach and drive substantial top and bottom-line improvements for their businesses. Work with us to find out!